Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kevin & Mo
:: Skagit Valley, WA ::


  1. Okay! Now you are getting to the point where you should be showing these somewhere – quite a collection, with some incredible variety and beyond what the Diana brings to an image – there is feeling and statement.

    Oh, and btw: when can I convince you to get me that one of woods? Remember, I'll print you one too!

  2. Funny you should mention that since over the holidays I was talking to a friend about printing some of these in larger sizes!

    We can print the woods any time! You tell me when and we'll make it happen. I'm very excited about that.

    Happy new year and I hope the holidays were good to you!

  3. You can either send me a high-res scan (300dpi or so) or come by the ranch and we can scan a smaller print, if that's what you have, to high-res and then print...

    And then, we can do the same with any others you want printed.

    My holidays were fine in fact, except that I was so busy leading up to the holidays that the first day I had to relax, Christmas Eve, I pulled up lame with a cold. I managed to enjoy the time, regardless, but after 11 days of coughing... I'm ready for a drink!

  4. My scanning skills suck (lint with that print, anyone?) so I think I should come by the ranch if that's okay with you. I do the 9-6 thing up in Bothell - is there a time outside of that when we could do it? I don't even know where the ranch is!

    I do not know one single person who was not sick in 2009 at some point! Here's to a healthier 2010.

  5. I don't think I was sick at all last year. That's unremarkable for me - I rarely get sick - but there it is. No cold. No 'flu. Nothing. So, now you know one token healthy person.

    Splendid portrait!