Friday, September 25, 2009

I have over a hundred photos from the Colorado trip printed now. They are stacked around my apartment, big lovely piles of 6x6 matte magic, all white-bordered and pale. Pale because 400 was really not the right film for bright high-altitude Creede. Neither was 200, but I didn't have the 100 that Pam recommended, and neither did the Gift 'N Gas, which was where I was greedily buying roll after new roll by the end of the week.

When they're all in their stacks like that, it's easy to get overwhelmed by them. I took so many of the aspens, the views from the hike that took us to 12,800 feet, the barn, the barn, the barn, the dogs. Which one to choose? And some of them are best together in a series, kind of flat and bland when looked at one their own.

This one though, keeps jumping off the table at me. I love it.

:: Mineral County, CO ::


  1. Of course. It's "the path less traveled"!

  2. I think your film selection is perfect if this is what it yields. Would 100 give you more, maybe... but I bet the grain on this is fantastic! At my office, we have this gigantic printer that prints on watercolor paper. Can I pay to print one of these, at like 36"x36"? Or can we do some kind of trade? You can watch them print and then watch me delete the file. PLEASE! This is my youth, in a photograph: sad, lonely, full of promise, full of dreams, full of peace.

  3. Oh drat! I thought i posted a reply to this but it seems to have disappeared.

    No WAY would I let you pay to print this photo. You've already paid for it in oodles of ways! I'd be so excited to see it printed large! Let's figure something out and I hope this will be the start of many happy trades. I love what you have to say about it. You made my day.

  4. that's great! Thank you sooo much! When I get back from my writing week in Vancouver we can float some times to get it together. Maybe the trade is, if you have others you want to see large, we can get you some and one these for me. ;)

    Hey, I saw you across a crowded sweaty room at Cheap Beer & Prose, and meant to say hi in person – but it was my birthday and I had to get out of there, too many people!

  5. Genius. Happy birthday! I had to run away too, I was on a deadline! Would have loved to say hi though. Soon!

  6. Merci! And Happy B-Day to your sis! I could say that Virgos are better or some cheeky thing like that, but really!?! Do Sun Signs matter? I just think September is a good month, all momentums aside, for lots of things – especially being born.